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A chinese lion statue "QuickTranspositions rocks! I will definitely continue to use them for my music and I'm telling all my friends." - Joyce L. specializes in high-quality music transpositions with a fast turnaround. We will take your music and move it to whatever key you require, while preserving every aspect of the original (dynamics, chord symbols, foreign language lyrics, page turns, etc). We will also work with you to determine what the best key might be, given your voice type or instrument needs. In addition, we will let you know if your requested transposition will cause any complications in the accompaniment (range, fingering, etc).

When the transposition is finished, you will receive the music in your email as a PDF file, and service by fax or post is also supported. Payment is accepted by credit card through Paypal or Google Checkout, as well as personal check.

Why use our service?

"Really fast, friendly and accurate. You were a lifesaver, thank you so much." -Susan L.

You could try to do it yourself, but notation programs are expensive and difficult to learn. Other programs or services can transpose it by computer, with very little human interaction, but the finished product is frequently riddled with mistakes and a nightmare for musicians to read.

Every transposition at is done by a professional music typesetter with an eye for layout, ease of readibility, and a clean design. And if you find any errors in your transposition, we will send you a new version free of charge!

The Process

service by email or fax .:.

Step 1: Send in your music by fax (267-885-2919) or email, including details on how you want the music transposed or any other specifications

Step 2: We will confirm receipt of the music, and give you a final quote.

Step 3: Payment is accepted by Paypal, Venmo or personal check. We will send you an invoice for electronic payments.

Turnaround time is usually just a day or two. We prefer to send you a PDF of the finished transposition, so be sure to include an email address if you fax the music. If you desire, we can also send the music to you via fax and post.

If you scan your music we recommend scanning into greyscale and a resolution of at least 300.

Call with any questions or to discuss your transposition in person - 646.246.1358


simple and affordable .:.
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Transpositions generally cost between $11-$12/page for multi-page piano/vocal songs. Orders of a single page are $15. Dense scores (such as orchestral instrumental parts) may be as much as $15/page.

To get a specific quote, please contact us by phone (646.246.1358) or email

Other Services

not just transpositions .:.

We also perform standard music typesetting services. Do you have an original manuscript to engrave, or part extraction? Contact us for a quote on your specific project. For more information on arranging and typesetting services, please email at

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